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Ritambhara Sahni
belly dance - Ritambhara Sahni's childhood dream

Monday 1 February 2016

Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance Institute Mumbai - students story about belly dance as her childhood dream and her journey with us to fullfil it.


Ritambhara Sahni hereself is living her dream to belly dance and help each and every female feel the power and beauty of belly dance. To get more details visit: www.bellydancemumbai.com

Here is Rinky’s story with Belly dance and Ritambhara Sahni’s Belly dance Institute Mumbai. (Mumbai’s 1st ever belly dance class)

Ritambhara Sahni belly dance

Humming to Shakira's "Whenever Wherever" is a distant memory now, when I was in school. My eyes used to be glued to the screen when the video played on TV. Her moves mesmerized me, the ease with which she made her waist move like that, I was amazed every time I saw it. At that time Belly dancing classes were really difficult to find. I kept switching from Kathak to Bharatnatyam to Jive/Salsa. At the back of my mind I always felt like i had to and wanted to dance like Shakira that if only I could do what she does. I used to read articles which said that to get that sort of flexibility you have to minimize your salt intake. But well, living in India it's really not possible. So i used to copy her, at least tried to. I used to manage a step or two. Years went by and I soon started concentrating on other things. I graduated, I got placed & thus I shifted to Mumbai for job. I was living a professional life- getting up going to office returning home on a repeat mode, from Monday to Friday. Something was missing. Dance has always been something i enjoyed since childhood.

Having shifted to Mumbai, a city which is known to have everything

 I searched for  Belly Dance Classes in Mumbai. There came a number of classes to learn Belly Dancing. I opened the one which was topmost- Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute Mumbai. I contacted them & was immediately briefed about the course. The fact that there are so many levels through which I would get to learn so much thrilled me. I became very much interested in learning the art of Belly Dancing & so I went ahead to enroll.

I told my friends about it and they were like “wow” because Belly Dancing is definitely not something you can find everywhere. Fascinated by finally finding a learning institute, I just couldn’t wait for the classes to start. I started listening to Shakira again, reliving memories.

And then the day finally arrived. I was going to learn something I had dreamt of in my childhood. Entering the class I could hear the tinkling of coins. It was a very soothing sound. I could see a number of girls shimmying with a belly dance belt wrapped around their waist. The belly dance belts making that noise made me feel i was in a temple of Goddesses. They looked so pretty glittering in the light & clinking together with the moves. I was eager to try one of the belly dancing belts  and start swaying. The belly dancing belt had got me more curious and even more eager.

Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance
levels 123 beginner's class fun click
 I had enrolled in the beginner’s course, level 1,2 & 3. My first class was all that I had imagined it to be. Amazing choice of songs, the music just wants you to Belly Dance. The choreography was beautiful, perfect for a beginner. The dance in itself is refreshing. It’s like you have been introduced to a new you, a woman who feels so beautiful and more confident about her body. Ritambhara Sahni is professionally trained to know all the moves involved in belly dancing. As a woman the dance form enlightens you to see a better you & brings you closer to yourself  and of course the belly dance belts that i found in this belly dance class in Mumbai get you even closer to the art of belly dancing. Belly Dancing belts have made more addicted to belly dancing and i cannot imagine belly dancing without my belly dancing belt.
Ritambhara Sahni belly dance
Having completed levels 1 & 2, I enrolled for the next levels as well. I had decided then on that I am going to go till the end. Learn all levels & as much as I could. By the time I reached advanced levels, I had become really good at Belly dancing. I picked up on every step quickly. The Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni also gives you an opportunity of becoming a trainer at their Institute. If given a chance I would definitely pursue teaching the dance form there. 


centers at Colaba, Bandra West , Khar West and Andheri West

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centers at Colaba, Bandra West, Khar West and Andheri West


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  1. Thank you Ritambhara for making my childhood dream into a reality. Proud to be your student and thanks for posting this :)

    1. Thank you dear for giving me the opportunity to teach you and bring you so far...want to see you shine as a belly dance artist real soon and i see you already getting there :)

  2. I have been a part of Belly Dance Institute in Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni since past few months. Its a perfect learning experience with this beautiful lady Ritambhara Sahni who is the heart of this institute. Minute details of each and every move, expressions, postures are taught by her. This institute offered over here has empowered me to fulfill my dream of being a versatile dancer. If you have the passion of making it big in the Belly Dance world, being a part of BDIMRS is a must.